Man jailed for having sex with cousin, charged with incest

A MAN who was accused of multiple counts of r_pe and pleaded guilty was handed four life sentences with an additional 50-year direct imprisonment yesterday.

The man, Sydwell Malatjie (44) from Arthur’s Seat Trust in Bushbuckridge, was sentenced before Judge Anna Kgoele in the Mpumalanga High Court.

He was found guilty on nine counts of r_pe.

The court heard that he would follow his victims to their homes in Acornhoek and Bushbuckridge and break in during the late or early hours, where he sometimes threatened them with a knife and r_ped them.

Three of the victims were r_ped repeatedly by the accused and one was r_ped in front of her seven-year-old child.

He found an 11-year-old walking on the street where he strangled her, dragged her to bushes nearby, and r_ped her. But he was caught in the act by community members and he was arrested.

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The crimes happened between December 2012 and June 2018. He was positively linked to all crimes he had committed through DNA.

State prosecutors advocates Lihle Ngcobo and Tula Bekwa, told the court that the accused has no respect for any person.

The victims were confronted in their homes where they were supposed to be safe and protected.

“A message has to be sent out that there is no space to allow such conduct in our communities and the law-abiding citizens are looking at the courts to impose an appropriate sentence that will match the crime of which accused is convicted.”

Handing down the sentence, Judge Kgoele said the accused is a serial r_pist.

She found no substantial and compelling circumstances to deviate from the minimum sentence.

“It’s clear that you’re not remorseful and the state has a watertight case against you. As such, the court sentences you to four life terms of imprisonment and 10 years for each of the five r_ped adult victims,” said Kgoele.

She ordered that his name be entered into the National Register for s_x Offenders.-Daily Sun


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