Good times are rolling for Comedian Mai Titi while in South Africa where she is visiting her Nigerian boyfriend Mr. Obina.

This time around, after last weekend’s Durban meet and greet, Mai Titi went for a plastic surgery at the same surgery Zodwa WaBantu goes to in Cape Town.

After the liposuction procedure, which is done to remove fat in plastic surgery, at Herrwood Medical Centre, one of the most prominent medical centres in South Africa where popular Mzansi celebs like Zodwa Wabantu and Dj Tira have actually gone there to get their surgery, Mai Titi had a wild night out with Zodwa Wabantu.

Posting on her Facebook, the comedian cum musician indicated her thrill hanging out with South Africa’s finest also expressing her amusement at how Zodwa was advising her n how to keep her new man Mr Obina.
“So tonight Zodwa wabantu said I want to take u out and I made sure Oga stays at home kwaaaaa it is indeed girls night out haha but I learnt something from this woman. Definition of Boldness and I don’t care …. thank you Zodwa for the treat.”
Hope she isn’t going to plan on dancing n_ked like Zodwa…

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