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Man mysteriously dies during s_εx

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Some residents in Hwange have demanded the police investigate the death of a local man they claim died Monday night while having sεxual intercourse with his girlfriend.

Godfrey Chenjejwa Ncube of Makwika Village was drunk Monday when he decided to visit his girlfriend, Jacqueline Mwansa Bwalya who stays in the same area.

According to a police internal memo seen by NewZimbabwe, Bwalya, who is the informant, told them that Ncube died after suffering from an epileptic attack at night.

However, Bwalya’s neighbours are disputing this claim and are insisting Ncube died while having sεx with Bwalya. The neighbours have since called on the police to closely investigate the matter as they allege Ncube died after he suffered a seizure during s_εx with the informant.

However, according to Bwalya’s statement, the two slept in separate rooms, a claim that is being dismissed by the neighbours.

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The police said they were continuing with their investigations after Bwalya’s neighbours disputed her statement.

“On 1 November at around 2 pm, Godfrey Chenjejwa visited the informant who was his girlfriend. While there, the informant asked if she could prepare food for him but he refused and asked for a place to sleep as he looked drunk,” said the police.

She ushered him into the bedroom.

Later in the night, Bwalya proceeded to sleep in the sitting room leaving Ncube alone in the bedroom, police were told.

Early in the morning, Tuesday Bwalya entered the bedroom intending to take some clothes as she wanted to go to fetch water.

“In the bedroom, the informant noticed that Ncube was behaving as if he was experiencing an epileptic attack and was failing to breathe. He was producing an odourless white foam from the mouth and nose. He was also groaning continuously and died soon after,” said the police.

The body was tested for Covid-19 and results came out negative.

Investigations are underway to establish the cause of death and the body was taken to Hwange Colliery Hospital en-route to United Bulawayo Hospitals for a postmortem.

— NewZimbabwe