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Watch Young Women Boast Being Small Houses

In never before seen show of disgrace, a bunch of side chicks or small houses film themselves boasting about their respective married men.

The video shows a group of girls on an outing proudly boasting about being small houses, in relationships with married men.

The Zimbabwean women who are visibly drunk show a great deal of disregard for chastity or rather sanctity of marriage.

One by one they come forward stating the totems of their respective ‘men’.

From Shumba, Nzou, Mukanya and so on the girls surely have redefined how small houses are looked at.

One of the girls, according to comments on Facebook, is identified as Essy Chitsa and someone points out that the ladies are from Chinhoyi.

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Such arrangements, however, indicate how these have accepted their fate and would rather enjoy themselves sharing husbands with whoever they belong to.

Below is the video:

Here are some of the reactions from Facebook;

Definitely, these women, have no intention of getting married themselves as they enjoy such a status.-Harare Live


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