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Kapfupi contemplates suicide at ex-friend’s house over property dispute

Iapfupi with Dj Shugeta

A well known male comedian and musician Freddy Manjalima best known as Kapfupi has threatened to commit suicide if stolen property is not recovered.

In a video circulating on social media, Kapfupi mentioned that he cannot make the unnamed person arrested because the person is connected with the police.

The person allegedly lives in Hatfield.

‘’Guys, l have never come to you with this issue. if you do not tell me what you are thinking, like l said l cannot get the person arrested because l used to have good connections with him and also he claims if I get him arrested he will simply pay bail”, he said.

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Kapfupi noted to his fans that the video he had recorded was not part of his skits.

‘’So, my decision is, if l get really frustrated about it, l will buy Roga (a pesticide used to eliminate insects and pests), go to this person’s place. So that he can live with my corpse at his house. He stole my wealth’’, said the comedian.

He asked for help saying he cannot work for somebody else.

‘’Help me, before l react because of this person from Hatfield. I cannot work for somebody else, bought that car to give Mai Nga, my wife. Someone comes to take my property because they do not get arrested’’, said Kapfupi.

Speculation is rife that Kapfupi may have had a fallout with Dj Shugetta who a few weeks ago confirmed they parted ways with Kapfupi amicably.

The two used to be close buddies. Could he be the one he is talking about? Is Dj Shugetta as powerful he has connections with the police?

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