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‘Ginimbi anga akaromba… All-White-Party ritual went wrong’: Leaked audio

Ginimbi’s death is imbued with much controversy as conspiracies regarding his source of wealth trickle in. In this audio clip, an unidentified woman claims Ginimbi died because he failed to complete a certain ritual during his All-White-Party.

A leaked audio clip alleges she knew Ginimbi on a personal level and that he flouted a certain ritual hence his death.

“These are rituals I tell you”, she is heard saying in a Whatsapp voice note.

“Washing hands with champagne was part of the rituals,

“I know him on a personal level, I am sorry I can’t say much but that guy was involved in a cult, (anga akaromba)”, she continues.


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“Kuromba hake anga akaromba… akatadza kunyatsoita zvakanaka paall white party take, pane paakashotesa.”

The woman promises that more secrets will be revealed in time.

Ginimbi will be buried at his Domboshava mansion according to his relatives and his last wish was to be interred at his property which is going to be turned into a hotel.-Harare Live

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