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‘Ginimbi sacrificed his brother and mother’: Ba Tea reveals

A LOCAL man claims he foretold the death of Zimbabwean socialite and businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure over two weeks ago.

The Ruwa man, who only identified himself as Allan, told H-Metro that he foresaw the death of Ginimbi over a month ago and claimed that he travels in future where he sees events.

Writing on his Facebook timeline on October 26 2020, Allan (through his username, Ba Tea) claimed Ginimbi would die in the next 15 days.

Fourteen days later, Ginimbi died.

“Tick tock tick tock its quarter to, wakutobaya in the next 15 wakutobaya ende vaivimba newe moyo yavo ichabaya pasi vachichema vaskana vakarara.

“I’m not a prophet but I’m time Traveller, ndinoratidzwa zviri mberi, November is not cherry it’s not merry, a prominent person, you’re going to be buried.

“The identified person is under 40.

“November, uri kuzviziva here kuti uri kuzokita maheadlines, uchamaita, take over accident yakuita make over uri muRange Rover ichaita bend over but unfortunately your life you can’t change it over because inenge yaitwa take over.

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“Uchavigwa wakapfeka zvewhite but kwauchaenda hakuna malights kuzere kuchema kwevanhu vari patight your mother and brother you once upon sacrificed you will see them apa hakuna reverse hakuna rest.

“My condolences to the Kandungure Family and to all those vakanga vari close to him.

“I’m just a visionary and I’m gifted uye ndinotaura zvandinonzi nemweya uri pandiri nyora ndinooneswa,” wrote Allan.

H-Metro got in touch with Allan after Ginimbi’s death on Monday and he said he never knew Ginimbi.

“I did not even meet Genius nor did he know me by any chance.

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“I am not a prophet or pastor or anything, I can just say I am a messenger, who sees things before they happen.

“I am someone who is into technology and I do my own business.

“I was taken into a dream in October and I was in Ginimbi’s house seeing this last party he did before he just died.

“I saw all the girls and couldn’t find him at his party, something that got me worried until I realised they were strange people following him behind, really strange people.

“I see things and write about them but nobody cares.”

Ironically, it has also emerged that a self-styled Harare prophet, Advocate Joshua Chirambwe a month ago apparently spoke about Ginimbi’s misfortune.

In a 5-minute video, dated 4 October 2020, Chiramwe warned Ginimbi about his life. The Prophet sought urgent intercession for the flamboyant businessman and socialite.

The Prophet is reported to have given Ginimbi 72 hours to pray for his life and called on others to pray for him so that the prophecy would not come to pass.

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The message insisted that if Ginimbi doesn’t pray within the stipulated 72 hours or someone else doesn’t pray for his life, he would die in an incident in a month, a year, two years, or three years.

“Urgent prayers are necessary for a Genius, very rich… because in the spiritual realm there is an event of a catastrophic nature, you are going to witness this if prayers, serious prayers are not made by him or on his behalf in 72 hours… is it fire, is it water, is it the body, is the air? We have to pray, these prayers have to be made within 72 hours…,” warned the Prophet.-H Metro

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