Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has said that US President Donald Trump is hated because he supports Christians.

In one of his live broadcasts, the clergyman recalled that Trump was loved by many before he declared for presidency, a thing he said changed the moment he started protecting Christians.

He said that if Trump were to switch from supporting Christians today, those who hate him will suddenly love him.

“There are those who think that Trump, the President of the United States, is hated by many Americans. He’s not hated by many Americans. I want to tell you the truth, he’s not hated,” Pastor Chris said.

“Trump is not the problem. They don’t hate Trump. They hate those that Trump seems to support.

“They are angry at Trump for supporting Christians. You better know it. So, the real ones they hate are you who are Christians.

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“That’s what the hatred for Trump is all about. It’s got nothing to do with Trump.

“Before he started giving his voice in support of Christians and in support of Israel, he was the friend of the Left, don’t forget. He was their darling, they loved him.”

Pastor Chris said that because Trump didn’t emerge President through their sponsorship, they blamed the Evangelicals for voting him into power.

“If you are a Christian, better know that. Don’t think if we just get Trump out of the way everything will just be calm. It will not be calm,” the clergyman said.

“They hate you, and he seems to protect you – that is the problem. They think he’s protecting you. You better wake up.

“If he were to switch today and be against you, be against the church, they will love him.”

Watch the video below;



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