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Moana’s funeral to take longer than Ginimbi’s as family awaits DNA results

The death of Moana on Sunday in Ginimbi’s car broke the hearts of many, now things have turned for the worst as her funeral is going to take longer than Ginimbi’s as the family awaits DNA  test results.

Families have failed to tell apart bodies of people who got burnt in Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce on Sunday. Burial plans have been put on hold, until DNA tests are run, to help positively identify the bodies.

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Yolanda Kuvaonga, Moana’s mom sad they have to wait for doctors to conclude DNA tests.

“The doctor said there is need for DNA tests after we failed to identify them, the girls were two, they promised to call us. The tests may take two to three weeks,” Moana’s mom spoke to ZTN.

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Ginimbi will be buried on Saturday at his Domboshava mansion in an All White Affair as per his request before he died.

The event is expected to be graced by his friends from all over the world whom he wished should come and send him off gracefully “because I am big” as he told his sister.

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Ginimbi died on the spot when his Rolls Royce vehicle was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Fit along Legacy Way (formerly Borrowdale Road) Sunday.

The posh motor veered off the road, crashed into nearby trees and burst into flames killing three of the businessman’s associates who failed to extricate themselves from the wreckage.

Ginimbi had been dragged out of the vehicle alive by witnesses but died shortly afterwards.-Harare Live

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