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“Hakuna chinonzi kuromba”: Passion Java defends Ginimbi

Ginimbi and Passion Java

Passion Java has come out in defence of Ginimbi saying those who say he was using juju or akaromba. Java says there is no such thing as kuromba since many people are living in poverty.

Java who used to beef with Ginimbi showing off their Lamborgini’s and expensive life has suddenly changed his stunt saying the man was a genuine businessman.

Prophet Passion Java reiterates that those who make juju claims are only envious of his success.

He perceives such people having no respect for the dead also imploring such characters to seek divine help from Prophet Walter Magaya.

Ginimbi died in a horrific accident which claimed three other lives including popular fitness bunny Mimi Moana.

Passion also took time to speak on Gringo saying we have lost men.

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Passion Java also attacks Prophet Joshua who predicted Ginimbi’s death saying it is “foolishness” to prophecy and not help such person.

“Our duty is to reverse death not to celebrate death”, such prophecies he says blocks people from coming to church.

He says God’s prophecy, instead, is about changing the fate rather than become popular out of his death.

“Hakuna chinhu chinonzi kuromba otherwise we wouldn’t have poor people”, Java says.

“Everyone in America keeps snakes and I am sure they would have been rich,

“Ginimbi is the only man to bring America to Zimbabwe… People should just appreciate him.”

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