Home Local ‘Ginimbi akatanga ne one gas cylinder’: From grass to grace

‘Ginimbi akatanga ne one gas cylinder’: From grass to grace

Lawyer frustrates Ginimbi kadungure's family
Lawyer frustrates Ginimbi kadungure's family

GINIMBI was a hard worker, his maid for 15 years has come out in his full defence angry at people spreading conspiracies and falsehoods.

Ms Fatuma Chikowore dismissed allegations that her former boss was involved with the underworld revealing how Ginimbi started of his gas supply business with only one gas cylinder.

Speaking to ZBC, the elderly and respectable house help said she has been waiting for an opportunity to clear the air.

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“I have known Ginimbi for 15 years, he was a good boss with a good heart always ready to step in. What social media is saying about rituals is utter nonsense, there is no sacred room in this house and whenever he was around he would spend most of his time home,” she said.

The community says it has lost its anchor.

“He was our umbrella and whenever we encountered problems he would assist, he brought development our area,” said the village head man
While many will remember him as a flamboyant social media character, to the people of Domboshava he will forever be remembered as the man who brought America to Domboshava as evidenced by his expensive fleet of imported cars and his mansion.
Ginimbi is expected to be buried at his Domboshava homestead this Saturday.

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