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Prophecy: Popular female comedian to die in Zimbabwe

In a spine chilling prophecy, there is a popular female comedian who is going to die in Zimbabwe according to Prophet Fadzai.

The prophet claims he reached out to the comedian via email but she did not respond.

In a video seen by Harare Live, the prophet said;

“This is a message to the entertainment industry of the nation of Zimbabwe, I reached out to the person but they did not respond. Put your house in order because I saw a rare sin condition…coming out of your body…and you did not make it.

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“If we pray God can preserve your life, this is a lady, I am talking about a lady, a comedian,

“if you are hearing this message, I sent you an email but you did not respond so now the Holy Spirit is prompting me to call to the believers to intercede for you, God bless you”, He says.

Zimbabwe has a few prominent comedians, Mai Titi, Madam Boss and Loraine Guyo amongst others and this should be worrying for any of these ladies.

Below is the video;

Last week, Zimbabwe woke up to the news of the death of Falmbouyant businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure but this was prophesied way before his death by another prophet Joshua who posted the message on social media.

The Prophet correctly predicted Ginimbi’s death and even tried to warn him and he claims some of the late Ginimbi’s friends threatened him instead.

Strange things have been taking place in Zimbabwe.

Hoping no more deaths will take place since Zimbabwe has lost many celebrities of late.

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