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Gas tank exposion burns Belvedere flats: Fire brigade had no water

Fire that broke out today at Chirundu Flats in Belvedere today was caused by a gas tank explosion in one of the apartments burning all the property, Harare Live has established.

The City of Harare fire brigade failed to extinguish the fire as the trucks had no water drawing loads of criticism for the poor run councils.

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Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume attended the scene and the building was reduced to ash.

He claims the water source was vandalised hence they could not fill up the fire trucks.

Ironically, the main fire station is located in Belvedere.

Harare Mayor jacob Mafume(right) on the scene today. with an empty Fire truck in the background

No casualties have been reported yet save for thousands worth of properties for the affected families.

A video by H Metro shows the raging fire eating away at the building.


Harare City Council is operating with 10 fire tenders instead of the required 25 and has just four fire stations against the minimum of 10 that are now needed to respond to emergencies quickly, the city’s chief fire officer Mr Lovemore Mafukidze said.

“We have challenges that we are facing,” he said. “We require 25 fire tenders, but we are only operating with 10 or 11. We also need a minimum of 10 fire stations in the city, but we are only operating with four.”

The four fire stations are in Belvedere, the main station, plus Kuwadzana, Waterfalls and Greendale.-Harare Live