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“I am still alive”: Ginimbi speaks on Instagram {Watch}

Well, it turns out Ginimbi is still alive and many people wanted him dead but he is still in existence. A video has just surfaced showing the larger than life character enjoying himself on his Instagram.

The video shows Ginimbi telling his haters they can’t touch him.

“I would just try and show you that your boy is back, I am still alive. Some people they thought hey! Ginimbi is finished, Who can finish Ginimbi? he, who can finish Ginimbi, I also wanna see that person”, he says.

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Below is the video:

This is just Ginimbi still alive in people’s hearts and timelines as he did what he loved most, TV.

Ginimbi set up Ginimbi Live TV on Instagram with many followers from all over the world.

Actually, the video was recorded way before Ginimbi died in a deadly fiery car crash.

Ginimbi was buried at his Domboshava mansion last Saturday in a funeral that was attended by hundreds of mourners from all walks of life.

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Ginimbi died on Sunday 8 November coming from a friend’s birthday party, Moana, at his uptown joint Dreams nightclub. The Rolls Royce he was travelling in, his favourite amongst his collection of supercars, was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Fit and swerved off the road thereby hitting a tree and burning with three of his friends inside.

Fitness bunny, Mitchell “Moana” Amuli is expected to be buried on Thursday as her burial was delayed awaiting DNA results since they were burnt beyond recognition.

Moana’s parents are currently embroiled in a battle fighting over her body at Doves funeral parlour.

Rest In Eternal Peace GINIMBI!!!

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