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Latest on Damafalls woman possessed by Murehwa boy’s spirit

A Damofalls woman yesterday briefly stole the show when police were supervising the exhumation of some of Tapiwa Makore’s body parts claiming that a spirit had sent her to proclaim that the deceased wanted to be seen while being exhumed.

The woman, who later said was Purity Chidziva, 43, and not related to the late Tapiwa or the Makores, went into trance challenging the police not to disperse the crowd that was already swelling.

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Tapiwa was grisly murdered in a suspected ritual murder in Murewa in September. The boy’s head and other body parts are still missing.

“I am Tapiwa Makore and I was murdered.

“I want to be seen by everyone. Do not disperse people,” said the woman as she refused to move away. She later claimed that it was Tapiwa’s voice that had been talking through her.

She was then led to the inner circle where she continued proclaiming that Tapiwa wanted the world to know that he was murdered and that his remains were in Thanks’ homestead.

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In an interview later on Chidziva said she attended Johane Masowe YeChishanu and was not aware of what she had been saying.

“I was only told to speak as people were being dispersed. I now know nothing about what I was doing,” she said.-H Metro

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