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A headless body was discovered on Monday in an open space in Rhodesfield in Kempton Park, near the Gautrain Station, in a suspected ritual killing, Harare Live has learnt.

According to gobela (sangoma trainer) Grace Ndlovu, a human head is worth millions.

Well, sort of – especially if one is gullible and greedy enough to try and gain wealth in this manner, Daily Sun reports.

Police spokeswoman, Sergeant Dipuo Ditshego, said the body of a man in his 30s was found in an open space in Rhodesfield in Kempton Park, near the Gautrain Station.

“The deceased was wearing black jeans, red takkies and a yellow and black striped T-shirt,” she said.

“A murder case is under investigation and we’re waiting for the outcome of the post-mortem.”

Gobela Ndlovu said evil izangoma tarnish the reputation of healers.

“They use human body parts for evil deeds and ukuthwala,” she said.

She told Daily Sun every part of the head had a purpose when mixing muthi.

The gobela said those izangoma practise evil deeds outside the indumba because dead bodies aren’t allowed there.

“They ruin muthi and leave bad spirits,” she said.

“Evil izangoma tell their clients what to bring.

“They can even instruct a client to get a body part of a close family member.”

Gobela Ndlovu said instructions are very specific.

“A client can’t bring a female head when they’ve been instructed to bring a male head,” she said.

She said clients sometimes approach izangoma with a desire to curse friends and family.

Evil, greedy izangoma never turn them away!

“However, perpetrators of murder are never at peace.

“They’re haunted by dead spirits. They deserve it because a human life is precious.

“Families who lose loved ones under these circumstances find it hard to move on. They have many questions and few answers.”


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