Prince Lethukuthula Zulu.
Prince Lethukuthula Zulu.

IT WAS time to go home, so the guys suggested to the ladies they should go with them to party some more.

The girls were very willing and happy to play along – but the guys were in for a rude awakening.


They left the nightclub, which was closing early due to curfew regulations.

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The suspicion is that this is the same syndicate that allegedly had a hand in the death of King Goodwill Zwelithini’s son Prince Lethukuthula Zulu as the method was pretty much the same.

Thando Ndaba (38) told Daily Sun what happened as they took the party to the leafy suburbs.

“We suggested to the girls outside the cafe that they come and chill with us,” said Thando.

“We drove in two cars. The ladies suggested we buy condoms.”

But they also made an unusual request.

“Strangely, they also asked the guys to buy them Grandpa powders as one of them claimed to have a headache,” he said.

When they got home they made food and drank and had a nice time.

“They were on their phones most of the time. I suggested we alert security that no one should come in or leave.”

He said that made the girls angry.

“They threatened to leave. I apologised and they stayed,” he said.

While chilling one of the ladies said she was tired and took a bath and headed off to bed.

And that’s all they remember.

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The host, who’d shared a bed with the lady, woke them up the next morning.

“He told us to check our phones, which were gone. It appears we’d been robbed,” said the host.

The burglar gate was locked and the keys were gone. They had to call a neighbour to call an ambulance for them.

The host (39) said he suspects the Grandpa they bought, along with the condoms, may have played a major role in drugging them.

He suspects the sweet they were exchanging during their kisses may have had drugs in them.

And for women not to pass out they had to take the Grandpa when they had sweets in their mouths.

“One lady would claim she had a headache, but they had a sweet they passed on through kisses.

“It seemed cool and s_xy but they kissed us with laced sweets.”

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“The host said they took phones, speakers, headsets, watches and his money boxes. They also took the iron, kettle and my Johnnie Walker Blue and Glenfiddich bottles,”

After seeing a newspaper story giving details of Zulu’s death, they picked up similarities: the area and age groups and the same cop shop.

He and the host went to the Randburg Magistrate Court, where the four suspects were appearing in connection with Zulu’s murder on Monday.

It was the same ladies who drugged them and stole their stuff!

“These girls are ruthless. They’re capable of killing a person.”

He hoped to recover some of the stolen items and that they don’t get bail. Brigadier Mathapelo Peters hadn’t provided a comment at the time of going to print.-Daily Sun


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