Zuva Habane fights with SA Idols judge Unathi over selfie
Zuva Habane {right} fights with SA Idols judge Unathi over selfie

There was huge drama as Zimbabwean celebrity Zuva Habane clashed with South African celebrity Unathi who is also SA Idols judge after the latter refused to take a selfie when they met at a Hotel.

Clearly, Unathi blocked Zuva Habane’s move to have a picture taken together to which Unathi declined in a manner which offended Zuva.

Unathi’s response after Zuva took social media complaining was that of her fears concerning covid-19 which claimed three of her family members in a short time.

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She further claimed that turned down the selfie request simply because Zuva was all lovey-dovey with her partner kissing and cuddling before she had the audacity of then coming to her without a face mask to ask to take a selfie with her.

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The outspoken socialite accused Unathi of pretending to be polite whilst she brushed her off in a dismissive manner. In response to the message, Unathi apologized to Zuva Habane if she felt offended by her refusal to take a selfie with her, stressing that she was protecting herself and her family considering that there is Covid-19. Here is her response:

In response, Zuva claims that the way Unathi treated her was unjustified as  Unathi and everyone else at the hotel was not wearing a facemask.

“sis you weren’t wearing a mask, No one was but That’s beside the point . I feel you handled Everything in a dismissive manner, Maybe you didn’t feel like it I have days like That too. I adore you hence I was polite I just didn’t know this other side of you. Be nice to everyone, Some of them even pray for you That’s all I’m saying, have a nice day”

The two celebrities’ fight over a selfie resulted in some social media keyboard warriors also commenting on the issue.

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Here are some of the comments from Instagram:

“I love zuva and I love unathi but it’s the see u at the top that I can’t get over 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“In a normal world, I’ve seen you take pictures after running up and the Westcliff Stairs ubila, soaking wet with no make up whatsoever. Let people take their entitlement elsewhere. Also, the image of you she has created in her head is not your responsibility. Never will be. It’s her opinion, not your truth. Habeee!”

“Sometimes its not about what u say but how u say it. Angeke losisi abe hurt kangaka just because u declined ecela isithombe and with a good reason.”

“I love @unathi.co but tjoo sisi, sometimes u come across as snobbish, I personally have seen u at functions, mingling with pipo with no masks and u yourself won’t be wearing one.. I understand u are a celeb, but remember u are where u are because of us your fans…”


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