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Boity Thulo unleashes new ancestral name, here is what Mzansi think

Media personality Boithumelo Thulo, aka Boity dropped a spiritual bomb on her followers on Twitter and after revealing her new ancestral name.

Boity told her followers that they can now refer to her as “Gogo Nomakhwezi,”

Boity’s New Idlozi Name

She started with a series of tweets

“Gogo Khwezi”

“You can officially refer to me as Gogo Nomakhwezi. Thokozani.”

“It’s as though my soul just burst open in the most incredible way!”

However this didn’t go down well with some of her followers who demanded to know why she was using a Xhosa name for Idlozi when she was Tswana.

Some demanded to know why all celebrities who are initiated, use Xhosa and Zulu names.

However Boity revealed that she has Xhosa blood as her grandparents are Xhosa.

Wrote Boity

Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers are Xhosa.

Boity went on to explain that she has mixed blood and one name does not represent all her Dlozis.

Not y’all assuming I only have Batswana (Which are mainly Khoi) ancestors. How? I have a wild lineage. ONE NAME is not a representative of all my Dlozis.

Boity went to Thwasa back in 2016 and only revealed it to the public after she had gone through the initiation process, with a message on Instagram

She confirmed that she went to thwasa but she said she wasn’t going to practice as a sangoma and she didn’t like it to be reduced to cheap celeb gossip

“Yes I did go thwasa but I’m not going to practice as a sangoma. This is a very sensitive matter that I don’t want to talk about in the media. It’s a personal matter and way too deep to be reduced into a celebrity gossip in the newspaper. It’s a secret. It’s so much deeper,” she said.

It seems Boity’s ancestors continue to give her revelations.

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