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Budiriro demolitions: “IT’S PAINFUL TO WATCH PEOPLE IN PAIN” {Videos}

BUDIRIRO DEMOLITIONS– All hope is gone for Budiro residents as the City of Harare today went ahead and demolished 134 houses built under Events Housing Cooperative as earlier reported by Harare Live.

With a baby strapped on her back, a visibly shaken woman could not help the sight of City Council officials, accompanied by Zimbabwe Republic Police officers and armed with a high court order. Witnessing the destruction of a family home.

In a moment of shock, she violently shakes, praying with disbelief, as if in a trance, all hope is gone as demolitions continue.

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“That lady seems to have lost her mind, these demolitions are satanic. They say it’s the law but sometimes law and justice are not the same”. says one witness to a video below;

“Zimbabwe ndeye munhu wese… munyika medu tese…” another woman wails in agony with her property strewn all over.

Who are these women? Budiriro mothers, stuck in the rain, all in pain.

Another difficult moment is in the following video;

The power of the machine is seen bulldozing a house as people watch helplessly. The demolitions leave families devastated.

This is painful to watch:

These are some of the responses from concerned witnesses;

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“Bro its raiñing and we in the middle of a pandemic wtf”

Please stop these demolitions it’s painful to watch people in pain.



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