Rest in peace Amos see what will happen to him. He came back to Kwamashu and take away Nkunzi’s businesses. His aim is to take down Nkunzi. Mangcobo and Nkunzi used Nosipho as a lamb sacrifice to fight Amos.

Rest in peace Amos see what will happen to him

Nosipho is sleeping with Amos just to fool him around. He believes that Nosipho loves him . He is also using Nosipho to get access to Nkunzi. Nosiphi is planning to kill Amos. He will go to a picnic with him. She will instruct him that there should be no guard. Only him and her. Nkunzi will come with guys and they will want to kill Amos. Instead Nosipho will tell them that she will pull the trigger.

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Nosipho will need some time to plan all this and she will disappear and come back to finish him off. Amos is being used by the association gang to take Nkunzi down. The gang will be disappointed because they will not win. Nkunzi is a fighter and no one will mess up with him and get away with it. Nosipho is a brave woman and she will do anything for her family. Although Amos is traumatizing her. She will be able to defeat him with the anger inside her.-South African Soapies


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