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‘I have some disturbing news on Frank Buyanga… Covid-19 is real’: Mutumwa Mawere

African Gold Medallion (AMG) founder Frank Buyanga has allegedly died or has gone missing.

Unconfirmed reports reaching Harare Live indicate something bad has befallen the millionaire.

Mutumwa Mawere‘s ‘disturbing news’ posted on his social media account seems to point out that the businessman has indeed died after failing to get hold of him for the past 24 hours. He wrote;


Has anyone heard from or about Mr. Buyanga in the last 24 hours?

I have some disturbing news.

Please assist in establishing the real situation.

Tried his contact details in vain.

Stay Safe – Covid is not a joke and so is life.

It is not clear what really has befallen the businessman but from Mutumwa’s message, he has died from covid-19.

Mr Mutumwa Mawere, however, has been cautious in his approach fearing to spread falls news;

Fakes news can create disturbance and confusion.

Some in his comments section said Buyanga may have been shot dead.

Some sources saying he has been shot

Harare Live will keep you updated on any developments. So far his family has not issued out a statement.

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