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Pastor Shingi Munyeza publicly exposed for cheating on his wife by his own daughter

Pastor Shingi Munyeza publicly exposed of being a cheat by his own daughter:-

Prominent Businessman, Church leader, board member of Zimpapers board of directors and member of Presidential Advisory Committee also notorious for criticizing the President publicly has been accused of cheating on his wife by his own daughter on social media, Harare Live has established.

At a time he was celebrating his 26 years anniversary with his wife and bragging of his ‘undying love’, his daughter, Nomsa Munyeza, outed him for cheating on her mom.

Shingi Munyeza wrote;

“Happy anniversary to my best friend, confidante, my love and mother of our only daughter. I want to grow old with you, till death separates us. It’s been a great 26 years of growth, learning and joy. God has been great to us, for that I’m truly grateful. I love you always and forever.”

Such a sweet message was, however, made sour when her daughter publicly threw sand on the post saying there is no real love because he is a cheat. She responded.

“Happy anniversary to a wife you cheat on and a daughter you have left fatherless…

“You rather remove this post because you do not cheat on a wife you love, that is called evil.

“Your heart and your pots are out of touch, you do not cheat on someone you love”, Nomsa ranted.

Nomsa’s ‘tantrum’ as some social media users called it, left people divided whether she did the right thing exposing family secrets on social media.

It is not clear when or who Pastor Munyeza cheated with, nevertheless, this drew lots of attention.

Some social media commentators said Nomsa is immature.

Nothing to celebrate! That girl is very immature.
There are certain issues which are no go areas mumisha.
She will learn the harder way bcoz her own man isn’t perfect.

Afterall many relationships hv survived cheating & gone on to be even more blissful.

Haisi nyaya manhingi.

Wellence Mujuru wrote;

Is it a cool thing outing your own father in public for cheating on your mother?

Others felt that the daughter is right in exposing his father since he is a pastor and should lead by example;

There is nothing wrong that this girl did. @ShingiMunyeza must stop cheating on his wife. He comes out here n plays a holly angel yet he is hurting his wife. Such men should be exposed always n shamed. Thus the only way to stop them. Weldone to the young woman

Pastor Shingi Munyeza is yet to respond to her daughter although the post has since been taken down.

Hoping they will sort out their differences amicably in private. The two used to share a good relationship as he walked her down the aisle when she married Taka in 2019.