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We are drinking water from dead bodies

Portia Makanyire
Portia Makanyire

PEOPLE in Hopley are worried that their drinking water might be contaminated from dead corpse’s waste coming from Granville cemetery.

With the incessant rains that have hit Harare over the past few weeks, their wells have started ­filling up and they share the same water table with Granville Cemetery where some victims of Covid-19 are being buried.

H-Metro came across many residents who were complaining about their water claiming it’s causing them stomach problems.

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“Our toilet is a few metres away from our well, we do not even know real water taste because we are used to drinking only this water.

Emilder Munhande (right)

After experiencing water shortages, we discovered that there is a great difference between our traditional Hopley wells water and that of clean water from Boka Borehole drilled recently,” said Cephas Mudzamatira, one of the residents.

“However, if we share the same water table with our nearest graveyard called Granville, we are not very much worried about it zvedu, we do not know what really happens underneath when the water will be flowing down there, where there will be rotten planted things or decomposing bodies, we do not know much about nature down there, and how that water ­ finally arrives here and where it will be coming from, we do not have that knowledge, but for those residing closer to that cemetery, they might be drinking that water from the graves.

Cephas Mudzamatira

I suspect so because the gradient slopes towards this direction, this means if it is true that underneath water flows also, it means the water from those decomposing bodies in those graves is also flowing here and we are drinking it, maybe that is why it is ever sour.


Togona kunge tirikutonwa mvura iyoyo irikubva muma decomposing bodies eku Mbudzi, because if it does not contain debris, we just think it will be clean for human consumption.

“But takuvara nemudumbu kuno veduwe, that water must be contaminated. We plan to buy water guard but we do not have any solution nor capacity to help ourselves from this misfortune. We just wait for death to save us from this unending problem, toitei?” He lamented.

A Hopley woman Portia Makanyire added:

“We are just drinking this water from these wells next to our many toilets because that is the only source of domestic water here in Hopley.

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“If there is any help, we need it like yesterday, mostly for children,” she said.

Another Hopley girl, Emilder Munhande complained about stomach problems, “The water does not taste good, it is salty and smells like sewage from these toilets, tirikuchaya nemvura iyi. Ukainwa unobva wayenda ku toilet, togara tiri mutoilet,” she said.