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My Friend Dumped Me For Makhadzi

My Friend Dumped Me For Makhadzi:-MUSICIAN Masedi Ramolefo was excited to see his friend on TV.

But little did he know his friend had betrayed him.

The 22-year-old Limpopo artist said he used to record songs with his friend, Prince Benza.

Masedi Ramolefo was shocked when he saw Prince perform their song Ngwaga on SABC1’sLockdown House Partyon Saturday. .

However, Masedi’s part on the song was sung by Matorokisi hitmaker, Makhadzi.

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“Prince told me he re-recorded the song and decided to add Makhadzi instead of me.

“We worked on the song in 2018 and reworked it in 2019. People liked it.”

Masedi said they agreed to work on a remake and include more artists.

Screengrabs of the chats between Prince Benza and Masedi after their song saga.


“But we didn’t work much because of lockdown. I was shocked to see he worked on our song without me and removed my vocals,” he said.

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Masedi said he helped to write the lyrics and deserved to be given credit and featured on the song.

“It broke my heart he didn’t show any remorse when I confronted him.

“Instead, he dared me to do whatever I wanted,” said Masedi.

When Daily Sun contacted Prince Benza, he confirmed that he first recorded the song with Masedi and that his vocals were removed for promotional purposes.

“The song was not complete when we performed it at the Lockdown House Party.

“But we will release it this month and he will be credited. His vocals will also be included. I tried to tell him this, but he doesn’t want to understand,” he said.-Daily Sun