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Shingi Munyeza’s ‘lover’ clashes with pastor Munyeza’s daughter in heated phone call {Listen}

Zimbabwean model, entrepreneur, and video vixen Natalie Mammi Chloe, the alleged mistress of disgraced pastor Shingi Munyeza has reached out to Nomsa Munyeza trying to clear her name in a recorded phone conversation.

Natalie Mammi Chloe, real name Natalie Melody Mhandu, has furiously denied the allegations that she is involved in a romantic affair with Munyeza. She has engaged the Munyeza family begging them to publicly clear her name so that people know that she is not involved with Shingi Munyeza in any way.

The outspoken Munyeza who also serves on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) has since stepped down from his role as Pastor at Faith Ministries Church after confessing that he had failed his wife, daughter and church. The pastor’s shenanigans came into the limelight after his daughter Nomsa Munyeza called him out publicly for cheating on her mother Wilma Munyeza.


Shingi Munyeza and Wife Wilma during happier times.
Shingi Munyeza and Wife Wilma during happier times.

After initially releasing a statement distancing herself from the drama at the Munyeza household, Natalie was dismayed to note that her name was still being touted as the Pastor’s lover. She then decided to approach Nomsa to challenge her to provide evidence supporting the allegations.

However, Nomsa handed the phone over to her uncle and asked Natalie to resolve her concerns with him. The uncle politely told Nomsa that the Munyeza family was not responsible for the allegations against her. He went on to advise her to seek legal help so that she can go after the people making the unfounded allegations.

This did not go down well with Natalie, who accused the Munyeza family of being selfish. She heatedly told them that her life was being ruined by the allegations which were tarnishing her image. Natalie also mentioned that she had recently lost a parent and expressed frustration at the Munyezas before abruptly cutting the connection.

You can listen to the conversation below;


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