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Shingi Munyeza’s daughter got divorced after she was also caught cheating

Shingi Munyeza’s daughter got divorced after she was also caught cheating:-There has been a dramatic twist to disgraced Pastor Shingi Munyeza’s saga with more juicy gossips showing how her daughter, the one who caused the drama, was also caught cheating a few months into her marriage and got divorced.

Nomsa Munyeza went on social media and outed his father for cheating on his wife which led to him stepping down from church leadership.

New information reaching Harare Live indicates that Nomsa actually had a secret lover whom she would give money taken from his father’s businesses.

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One source Chofamba revealed more secrets about Nomsa’s shenanigans;

Pple {sic} understand no one is without sin. And if we knew the full story we’d be less inclined to condemn Shingi.

His daughter’s behaviour is strange though; she cheated on her husband only months into her marriage akatorambwa, yet she’s dragging her dad through the coals!

Yes and she was divorced. Her hubby told her dad, and dad confronted her abt it and she told him off! Apa she was taking money from dad’s companies to give to her lover. Dad says I want my money, and they fall out. She’s an only child, entitlement syndrome yakati tii.

Munyeza's Daughter Cheated!

Others believe she got the ‘cheating syndrome’ from her dad as well as being an only child she is a bit spoilt.

She learnt cheating ways from dad then children learn from seeing behaviour around them. Cheating is normal behaviour in their family

The story has since died down, nevertheless, left a lot of damage to Shingi Munyeza’s reputation with speculation rife as to who the pastor was cheating with.

Natalie Mammi Chloe, the alleged mistress of disgraced pastor Shingi Munyeza has since reached out to Nomsa Munyeza trying to clear her name in a recorded phone conversation.

Natalie Mammi Chloe, real name Natalie Melody Mhandu, furiously denied the allegations that she was or is involved in a romantic affair with Munyeza. She engaged the Munyeza family begging them to publicly clear her name so that people know that she is not involved with Shingi Munyeza in any way.