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Trevor Dongo Impersonator busted after sleeping with many women

Trevor Dongo (Left) and his impersonator Praise Dzvete (Right)
Trevor Dongo (Left) and his impersonator Praise Dzvete (Right)

An identity thief, Praise Dzvete, who was impersonating Trevor Dongo and stealing from fans has been remanded in custody till March 1 by a Harare Magistrate

.Speaking to Bustop TV, Trevor Dongo’s producer McDonald ‘McDee’ Chidavaenzi said that they received complains from many people claiming they are being duped by the character.

“We received numerous complaints from several girls who claim to have been duped money in the name of a relationship with a character Trevor Dongo who uses a Fake Trevor Dongo Facebook account and a Fake Trevor Dongo Phone number actually registered on Ecocash and has a functioning WhatsApp number.

“We wish to advise you that all this had nothing to do with the real Trevor Dongo prompting us to enquire further on the details of the several incidents that were arising from the young female complainants.

“Upon enquiry it was made aware to us that this Trevor Dongo character allegedly have a young brother called Talent Dongo and a sister called Marcia Dongo and maneuvers these fake relatives so well that one would think its an actual existing family yet in reality its all a fallacy,” said McDee.

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Today at the court, Trevor narrated the events that led to the arrest.

“I am at Rotten Row court where there was a case of a young man who was pretending to be me. He was stealing people’s money and stealing other things including virginity. I am grateful that I am on the right side because it could have gone on till we would have been answerable to the case.

“We used to watch these things out there in movies but today I am actually surprised that I am the victim. It can also happen to you even if you are not as famous as I am. It is called identity theft. This person was pretending to be Trevor Dongo fooling people on WhatsApp and on social media and they were sending each other money so it can actually happen you. The good thing that I did is I shared this with my family.

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“This is my brother McDee and he is also my producer. He is knowledgeable in these issues so he worked on my behalf till we got to the CID till we are here.”

McDee appealed to people who were duped to come forward to help with the investigations.

“We just want to appeal to anyone who feels that they were part of the people who were scammed by this person pretending to be Trevor, being a fake Trevor, to come through. This guy even registered a line in Trevor Dongo’s name meaning that he was even violating Econet’s rules and standards. He was receiving money. Anyone who was scammed please get in touch with CID not just for Trevor Dongo alone but also for every public figure out there.”

Below are the authentic Trevor D accounts as given by McDee.

Mobile cellphone number on Voice call, Ecocash and WhatsApp for over 10 years which obviously is private
2: One Facebook account namely Trevor Dongo with 5 000 friends and 44 000 followers
3: One Facebook page namely @Official Trevor D with 86 384 followers
4: One instagram account namely @TrevorDongo and is verified with 198 000 followers
5: One Twitter account namely @TrevorDongo_ with 32 000 followers
Any account purporting to be the persona of Trevor Dongo therefore is fake and should be reported.
“Finally our sincere apologies go to the innocent women/girls who were taken advantage of or misled by this fake Trevor Dongo and we kindly ask that anyone who has fallen victim to this scandal please report to Harare central CID stores and business or contact the I/O Detective Inspector Chikerema on +263773102526,” said McDee.-Busstop