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Man who cook are great in bed

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Legendary Mzansi footballer Mark Williams has always maintained the following: Great football strikers are those that are always in the kitchen.

In other words, strikers that are always in the 18-yard area or box are always likely to score goals.

The same thing could be said about men who know their way around the kitchen.

According to s_ex experts, men that can hold their own in the kitchen can turn up the heat in the bedroom.

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Firstly, the fact that they’re aiming to please makes them a great asset in the bedroom.

Preparing a great meal simply means you want to serve the best, therefore that mindset is a winner when it comes to the sheets.

Secondly, your multi-tasking skills will obviously come in handy.

Lastly, your improvisation skills are priceless.

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Nothing kills a s_ex life faster than predictability and routine.

If you can chop, roast, cook and marinate all at the same time then one can only imagine the things you can do in the bedroom.-Daily Sun