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Cousin’s spending spree sells out US$2.7 million heist mastermind

The son of the suspected mastermind of the US$2.7 million heist has been arrested after he was exposed by his cousin who went on a spending spree at the local growth point.

According to the authorities Tichaona Njowa spied on his cousin Job Njowa and saw him retrieving part of the stolen money from a hole in the ground near his homestead in Mudakwenda Village, Mhondoro. Job Njowa is the son of Shadreck Njowa, the suspected mastermind of the January 6 US$2.7 million robbery which occured near Gwebi along the Harare-Chinhoyi Highway.

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Tichaona who was well aware that his cousin’s father was wanted by the police in connection with the US$2.7 million robbery, in turn, stole the money which Job had hidden in the ground. After stealing the money, Tichaona went wild and embarked on a spending spree at the local growth point.

Tichaona’s reckless spending spree proved to be his undoing as locals quickly alerted law enforcement officials of his suspicious spending. Law enforcement officials discovered that Tichaona had bought two cars but could not account for the source of funds. They also discovered that he had in his posession US$20,500.

Upon being arrested, Tichaona implicated his cousin and revealed that Job had hidden some of the money that his father had stolen in the robbery. Armed with this information, the police arrested Job and charged him with obstructing the course of justice.

Tichaona was charged with theft.

The two cousins appeared separately before magistrate Dennis Mangosi to answer to the charges they are facing. Job who is being represented by Steady Kachere denied the allegations when he applied for bail. The bail ruling was postponed to Wednesday.

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Tichaona is being represented by lawyer Concellia Maheya and is expected to make a bail application on Wednesday.-Iharare News