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‘I’m Struggling Like Any Other Widow’: Daisy Mtukudzi

DAISY, widow to the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, says she sometimes feels deserted and unloved, two years after her husband’s death.

Tuku succumbed to diabetes on January 23 in 2019 aged 66.

He was declared national hero.


A creative genius and unparalleled icon of all time, Tuku’s death is remembered on January 23.

Tuku in action

And last weekend, Tuku’s family, friends and fans took time to remember the departed Black Spirits founder.

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However, it was a different script altogether for Daisy who are time to reflect on the late icon and husband indoors owing to the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

“Life will never be the same with Tuku and I feel like I am standing on one leg.


“I have no one to turn to turn to when I encounter problems like failure to pay my domestic bills and other things.

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“I’m one person who is uncomfortable with borrowing from others because people assume I have it all.


“I’m struggling like any other widow   but to be honest there is no one I can say has been assisting me when I need help.


“I only pray to God for help because he is the one who is looking after widows,” he said.


Asked how they commemorated Tuku’s legacy on Saturday, Daisy said she was indoors.


“There is nothing that we could do because of the Covid-19 lockdown-Hmetro