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Manhunt For Murehwa Murderer

murder investigation

A MUREWA man is on the run after allegedly fatally striking his wife with a four-pound hammer over suspected infidelity.

Ideni Nyashanu (43) is being accused of murdering his wife of 20 years, Pedzisai Tayengwa, of Chitsa Village under Chief Mangwende.

According to a police report, Nyashanu was suspecting his wife of having an extramarital affair before he physically, emotionally and verbally abused her.

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In December last year, the deceased reported the abuse to her mother who visited the two to try and resolve the dispute.

However, the meeting did not end well, forcing the deceased to seek divorce and an attempt to leave with her mother.

This prompted Nyashanu to transform his threats into action.

It is reported that Nyashanu followed his wife into their bedroom where she was packing her bags. He locked the door, armed himself with a four-pound harmer and allegedly attacked the deceased several times on her body.

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The deceased’s mother could offer little help by only destroying windowpanes to the bedroom and witnessed the whole attack.

The mother-in-law left the scene to make a police report whilst Nyashanu left his house leaving his wife lifeless and in a pool of blood.

Police are pleading for information on the whereabouts of Nyashanu.-H Metro