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Thanks to covid-19 for bringing Tytan back: Olinda Chapel

United Kingdom-based socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel has finally decided to speak about her relationship with her ex-husband Tytan real name Njabulo Nkomo and why she decided to take him back.

After months of keeping her relationship with Tytan, a secret Olinda did a Facebook live and revealed to the world that Tytan was officially back home.

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Olinda thanked Covid-19 for bringing Tytan back to her. She revealed that during the lockdown, she spent more time with Tytan and they got closer, got to know each other better, and now he is back home with her.

Judging from the live feeds, images, and the recent photographs of the couple together, the two lovebirds seem to have genuinely rekindled their relationship after a messy split.

In a live video on Instagram Olinda Chapel revealed that she took back Tytan because she never stopped loving him despite the nasty things he said and did. She declared unconditional love and dedication to Tytan.

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In another Live on Instagram, she added that her daughter’s prayers might have played a role in getting them back together as she has always wanted her dad to be there with her 24/7.

“I didn’t win, he didn’t win in our catfight. Malawyers did not win whatever they were instigating. Nandi wins. She gets raised by both parents, not one,” she said.

During the live video, Olinda revealed that another wedding was on the cards as they plan to remarry again sometime in August. She also revealed that she was also preparing to do something special for Tytan’s birthday next week.-iHarare