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Invisible tokoloshe attacks Gwanda family with stones everyday

A Gwanda family is living a nightmarish life as an invisible tokoloshe continuously attacks them with stones.

Stories of mysterious creatures tormenting families have throughout history been dismissed as mere superstition, but a family in Gwanda has a story to tell after enduring sustained attacks by an invisible creature using stones.

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Narrating her ordeal to the ZBC News, Miss Portia Zhou said her family is gripped by fear as the attacks sometimes become rampant and violent.

“It has been happening for a while now, stones are thrown on the roof. At first, we thought it was thieves or someone making fun of us until now when the stones have become rampant that we even get these attacks during the day.

“We called our neighbours and they searched where the stones were coming from, they did not see anyone but stones kept coming, we are worried,” she said.

Neighbours confirmed to have also received their fair share of attacks for providing the tormented family with refuge.

“When our neighbour came to tell us, we thought it’s a joke until a huge pebble missed my leg. I am in a state of shock. I am leaving the house to sleep at my sister-in-law’s place,” a neighbour said.

Another added, “I came to look for whoever was attacking them, but I and my other guys just saw stones being thrown, but we didn’t see the person throwing them. These are goblins I tell you,” another neighbour said.

Whether such stories are true or false, there is a strong belief in the existence of dark and invisible forces.