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Audio claims “Ginimbi’s coffin found outside the grave”: Fact or Fiction?

An audio message circulated on social media Monday morning claiming that the late socialite Genius Kadungure aka Ginimbi’s coffin has been found outside his grave much to the shock of many.

“We woke up to suddenly find Ginimbi’s box in the open space”, a male voice was heard announcing.

The unnamed man, went further to declare that the story is verified even claiming to come from the same rural area in Domboshava.

He claims he is closely related to Anderson Kadungure, Ginimbi’s father.

They made reference to a picture of a coffin that does suggest Kadungure’s coffin is out of the box.

However, Ginimbi’s brother Clement quickly dismissed the story as fake. He said:

“Ndezvekunyepa izvo.

“Hakuna zvakadaro kunoku– there is nothing like that here.”

He added:

“That picture is not even Zimbabwean,” he said.

Clement is widely viewed as the family spokesperson and is cited in numerous interviews since November last year.

Ginimbi passed away last November in a horrific car accident claiming the lives of three of his friends who unfortunately were burnt beyond recognition.

Some conspiracy theories were flying around claiming Ginimbi was into cult worship and that his business was engraved in voodoo, a claim which has since been refuted.

The millionaire has left millions worth of properties including luxury cars and a mansion in Domboshava.

His family is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with his friend Kit Kat who was supposed to get a Lamborghini as an inheritance.

Kadungure’s are disputing contents of the will opting to challenge it in court. This would make a huge difference in the manner in which the properties will be distributed in the long run.