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‘Future husband’ r_apes woman (19) after visiting masowe

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In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old Harare woman was repeatedly s_exually abused by a man (33) after receiving a prophecy from a spiritualist telling her the man would be her future husband.

She failed to report the incidences which occurred between January and February believing the prophet who even concealed the matter when she reported to him about the abuse.

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This was reported by Zimbabwe Republic Police on their Twitter urging victims to report early of such violations.

The ZRP encourages members of the public to report all cases of s_exual abuse promptly and avoid trusting strange prophetic utterances from pastors and prophets.

A Hre woman (19) was raped on several occasions between Jan and Feb 2021 by a suspect (33) after receiving a prophetic message from an alleged prophet who indicated to her that the man will be her future husband.

The spiritualist concealed the offence when it was reported to him by the victim. #notorape

In another case, a young boy (10) was s_exually abused by a 21-year-old maid while playing outside in Bradfield, Bulawayo on Sunday.

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Police also confirmed the horrifying incident urging parents to closely monitor their children.

This follows a case of aggravated indecent assault which occurred on 20/02/21 in Bradfield, Byo where a male juvenile (10) was s_exually abused by a housemaid (21). #notosexualabuse


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