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I am a victim of voice cloning, says Mohadi

Ex Vice President Mohadi
Ex Vice President Kembo Mohadi

VICE President Kembo Mohadi has distanced himself from what he described as imagined immoral unions by detractors angling to tarnish his political career as well as his standing as a national leader.

VICE President Kembo Mohadi

Speaking for the first time following social media news exposing his alleged multiple sexual relationships, VP Mohadi said he was a victim of political machinations peddled through voice cloning.

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“Following the recent social media hype about my alleged illicit relationships with two married women, I have decided to come open and respond to the allegations being peddled by my detractors,” he said.

“Despite growing impatience because of days of weird character assassination, I wish to categorically state that the allegations being leveled against me are not only false but well-choreographed to demean, condescend and soil my image as a national leader and patriot.”– chronicle