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Woman soils self after hot slap from cop: “Murume wangu arikunzi ingochani”

Woman soils self after hot slap from cop: “Murume wangu arikunzi ingochani”-A 29-year-old woman on Sunday night soiled herself after being slapped by law enforcement officials who were hunting for her husband in Zengeza.

Joyce Vheremu was assaulted by a police officer from St Mary’s police station in front of her tenants. Vheremu went on to be startled to discover that her husband Joseph Tembo was being hunted over allegations of admitting to being g_ay in a video shoot with the intention of receiving money from a local businessman’s organisation.

Vheremu who is seeking counselling and depression said the story had affected her faith: “Ndakarohwa mbama yakaipa nemupurisa ndikazviitira zvekuti nanhasi ndichirikutya,” said Vheremu.

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“They came in at night armed and in their numbers demanding to see my husband who was not at home and ordered everyone including my tenants to open their doors and they searched in vain.

“One of the tenants was forced out of her bedroom and came out half n***d, all for a video I am still to view and was not even aware existed.

“Murume wangu arikunzi ingochani uye pane mavideos aarikunzi akabuda achitaura zvavanoita nevamwe varume saka zvakandibvisa chimiro.

“I am now finding it difficult to stay at home because of such allegations being levelled against my husband and the way I was treated by investigating officers in front of my tenants.

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“I do not see the need to lodge a police report against the officer since I cannot easily identify him because they came at night and there were more than five.

“I feel the need to consult my church pastor for counselling because the incident has affected my faith and pride as a married woman.

“I am yet to meet my husband since he is in hiding following the incident and I am still to see the said video,” said Vheremu.

Tembo’s brother, identified only as Given, said Tembo was lured into admitting on camera that he was homos_exual for money given by a local businessman: “My younger brother is not homos_exual but he admitted to it before the camera for the love of money promised by a certain organisation,” said Given.

Given, Tembo’s brother

“He is in hiding following a search conducted by police at his house and is now in fear.

“The organisation behind this issue promised to pay him and since he is not working these days due to the national lockdown he agreed unaware of the consequences.

“The issue was masterminded by some journalists who shot the video and ended up claiming that they had been kidnapped. “Inyaya hombe wangu ndichataura nemupfana wangu agozonyatsokuudzai zvizere iyezvino akahwanda arikutya,” said Given.