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‘Being in a mixed-race marriage is not easy’: White man married to Black Zimbabwean Understands Prince & Meghan Fiasco

Adamski Jahmanhi with his wife and son Oliver
Adamski Jahmanhi with his wife and son Oliver: Twitter

A white man married to a black Zimbabwean identified as Adamski Jahmanhi has commented on issues to do with racism and how it affects families as his parents have somehow disowned him for mixed-race marriage.

Making reference to Prince Harry and Meghan clash with the Palace, he recalls how his parents failed to help him in time of need when his wife wanted to give birth and he was poor.

Taking to Twitter Jahmanhi said;

A Thread – when my wife Mai Ollie gave birth to our firstborn child Oliver we were so poor. So poor that I couldn’t even afford a 2rand cigarette. The surgery (c section) she was booked in for the following morning would cost $500USD.This was an emergency!She was 10 months gone.

We had only learnt of this when we had gone for a second opinion from a Dr friend we knew. I remember calling every family member i knew. Not ONE of them came through. Not my mother not my father not my brother not my uncle not my aunt not my cousins not a single one of them.

I was lucky because I had money in a trust with a lawyer at the time because we were selling a house. My lawyer was a gambling addict so it was easy to convince him to release $500USD. The following morning after my wife had given birth they turned up. Turned up late to!

I looked through the glass at my new born child whilst the other bunch stood next to me. One of them said he is practically white, thought he would be darker than that’ yes my very own mother said that! I shook my head & continued my day.

My kids don’t even know who their uncle is. Only a name! I have to pay my own mother a day rate including flights to come to the UK to look after her grandkids during holidays.

Being in a mixed-race marriage is not easy. I have been called everything under the sun from N**** lover to white trash. There is nothing I haven’t heard before. Harry & Meghan’s situation is not unique…. people have been suffering from this abuse for years.

However, one thing I do know is that love conquers all. No amount of hate or anger towards people’s choice of who they love will change that. That is for certain! I know this & have experienced it. We now have 2 not so dark kids and have been together for over a decade! ❤❤❤

Adamski, wife and kids

Adamski Jahmani operates an online butchery based in the UK and is currently doing well in business.