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My hubby bought her young girlfriend a Mercedes Benz, what do I do?

File Picture: My hubby bought her young girlfriend a Mercedes Benz, what do I do?

A distraught woman is seeking counsel on what steps to take after discovering her husband of 8 years is having an affair with a younger woman and spoils her so much that he even secretly bought her a Mercedes Benz.

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Taking to a discussion group administered by Tete Fadzi the woman had this to say;

Makadini, I really need your help. I met my husband at university and it was love at first sight I tell you. We just worked. The chemistry, connection everything. He was the perfect man for me. We shared the same dreams, beliefs and to add to that our families were so welcoming of our union. I just have to add that my mother in law is so absolutely amazing. She took me under her wing and I mean we have an amazing relationship.

Fast forward eight years we have two beautiful children, a nice home in Avondale and we are financially very stable. I thought we were happy until I found out fro a friend who sells hair that one of her clients, a very young client has been to her shop spending real money buying human hair worth 300usd and above and when my friend asked about her source, the client said she has a new boo who is throwing money at her like no man’s business and so my friend asked for pics and it’s MY HUSBAND. To make matters worse my husband bought a brand new Mercedes Benz, I saw the papers in our bedroom and you guessed it, they are in the client’s name, And recently, when I looked for them, they were gone.

I thought we were happy. But, if he is buying her a car then we probably not as happy as I thought. I have her number and address, what should I do. Please assist.

Tete Fadzi gave a balanced response advising the woman to confront her husband and not the side chick.

I think you need 2 sit your husband down & confront him about this affair. Don’t hide ur feelings, have a direct & honest conversation with him, you need to prepare yourself for the outcome & pray so God gives you strength to overcome this…. DON’T CONFRONT THE SIDECHICK!!!

Here are some of the responses from other readers;

My hubby bought her young girlfriend a Mercedes Benz, what do I do?


Leave the alleged mistress alone,try to catch him red-handed and then walk away leaving no reason for him to hide behind ,,if the current information is true it’s clear he is not happy in that union

Confront your man and discuss how you feel with him Most men masquerade as single men Saka this side chick might have innocently fallen for a married man Taurirana na Husband

Your husband is the main culprit,tell him that you know, and please do it wisely,even if he’s guilty, there’s no telling how he’ll react. I’d suggest you do this via a person you know he respects.Also Try hard to think of what might have led him to cheat in the first place

Get all the facts first before you lash out at your husband’s alleged spouse.
Don’t be stupid, since you already have the mistress’ number, it just shows you are afraid of dealing with the real problem in this matter. your husband. Tauriranai. after all you were happy. Zvinoita

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