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Latest On Borrowdale Murder:Body of Man Killed By Mother and Brother Then Buried In The Backyard Exhumed

Post-mortem on the remains of the Borrowdale man who was allegedly killed by his mother and brother is expected to be conducted this week at a local hospital.
Recently, a woman allegedly teamed up with her son and killed her other child whom she accused of being violent, abusive and a drug addict, then buried the body in a shallow grave at their Borrowdale home.

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The alleged crime only came to light when the brother, who allegedly pulled the trigger, started hallucinating after being involved in an accident.

“Police are still investigating the suspected murder case which occurred sometime in January 2021 in Borrowdale, where a man aged 32 allegedly murdered his brother aged 30,” said national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

“The suspect shot the victim with a firearm belonging to the family and then concealed the offence by secretly burying the body in a shallow grave within the yard.

The offence came to light after the suspect had been involved in a road accident and confessed.

“Meanwhile, the body of the victim was exhumed and sent to hospital for post-mortem with the firearm and shovel used in the crime being recovered from a secret place.”

The matter is now being handled by detectives from the CID Homicide Department.

Tracy Samantha Carr, believed to be an owner of Lewisam Motors in Harare, allegedly teamed up with her son, Norman Tyron, and killed her other son, Dylyn Michael Carr.

The two have since appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court for initial remand on murder charges.

Prosecutor Mr Lancelot Mutsokoti alleged that in January the two decided to kill Dylyn.

It is alleged that Samantha then gave Norman a pistol and that he fired the fatal shot. The two then allegedly dug a shallow grave behind the garage of their Borrowdale home and buried him.

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The court heard that Samantha went on to hide the pistol at Lewisan Motors. But then Norman was involved in an accident and admitted to hospital, where he allegedly started hallucinating and revealing the murder in front of hospital staff. Herald

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