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Mai Titi’s Boyfriend Mr Obina Is Wanted For Murder In South Africa As The Two Part Ways…

Mai Titi and Mr Obina

Comedian Felistas Murata known as Mai Titi’ s husband Mr Obina is reportedly under South Africa Police Service most wanted list in relation to a murder case with reports indicating the two have since broken up their relationship.

Her boyfriend, who is allegedly Nigerian, has four different aliases: Joel Zondo, Charles Forbes, while he is also surnamed Obina.

In a docket published by Zimeye, Mr Obina is said to have committed the murder in 2016 and was granted bail before absconding.

The accused was arrested for murder that he committed on 2016-03-12. He later applied for bail and was granted. He failed to appear for his next trial date. He was traced at his given address and the place was found burned down by the angry communities. Accused is a Mozambican citizen and was nowhere to be found. A warrant of arrest was issued by Ermelo magistrate court on 2017-05-24. 

Responding to the allegations, Mai Titi brushed off questions directed at her saying her better half’s crimes do not involve her hence people should stop including her.

She said,

“Whatever that you will say about Obina, or whatever it’s got nothing to do with me, who he stole from who he duped or where he is wanted, me I don’t know as you can see I am at work enjoying my life and trying to make ends meet for my kids.”

She then suggested that she has been dumped, saying: “this story of saying that I have been dumped and all that, I am literally in the process of ditching him, so I have got no clue what you are talking about and at the end of the day, this is not the stress I have now the stress I have is to make money.

“So, stop texting me, if he is a con man, if I catch him I will give him to the police because we did not con together.

“If he killed someone I will catch him and I will give him to the police, at the moment I don’t have him, please I don’t look for Obina here; he is not here, here I have got my sisters, and the movie cast, that is what we are doing.”