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Burnt To Death For R_aping Cousin’s Wife

Burnt to death

A man (45) was burnt to death by angry residents in Mpumalanga after allegedly broking into his own cousin’s house on Friday, 2 April and r_aping his man’s wife!

The residents caught him on Monday, 5 April and burnt him to death.

A resident told the People’s Paper: “We’re tired of crime in the village.

“Cops arrest suspects and they’re later released.”

Colonel Donald Mdhluli said police and medical personnel were later informed about the r_ape and mob justice incidents.

“Upon arrival at the scene, they found the lifeless body of a man with burn wounds,” said Mdhluli.

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The suspect was certified dead by paramedics.

“The man is said to be a suspect in a r_ape case where the victim was also assaulted,” he said.

“The man allegedly broke the door of his cousin’s house and assaulted his cousin and wife.

“He then took the wife to the bush, where he reportedly r_aped her repeatedly.”

Police and a forensic pathologists removing the burnt body of the suspect who was set alight by angry residents after accusing him of rape. Photo by Tlangelani khosa.

Mdhluli said cases of r_ape and murder were opened.

“We’d like to condemn this act of vigilantism, where people take the law into their own hands,” he said.

“The public is warned to refrain from such actions and urged to report any criminality to the authorities.”

No one has been arrested yet and investigations continue.