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Jailed For Breaking Into Neighbour’s House

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A 21-YEAR-OLD man from Sizinda on the outskirts of Victoria Falls got more than he had bargained for after he was sentenced to eight months in jail for breaking into neighbour’s house and stealing US$270.

Oscar Mashongahande broke into Mr Samson Ndlovu’s house in Sizinda Village in Chief Mvuthu area last week and stole the money which was in the bedroom.

The complainant suspected that Mashongahande had stolen his money and confronted him.

Mashongahande confessed that he had stolen the cash and was arrested.

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He pleaded guilty to aggravated unlawful entry and theft when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Linda Dzvene.

He was sentenced to eight months in prison with nothing being suspended.

In addition, the court brought into effect three months that had been suspended on August 21 last year when Mashongahande was convicted for a similar offence.

Mashongahande will serve an effective 11 months in jail.

Prosecuting, Mr Asher Chindedza said Mashongahande broke into Mr Ndlovu’s house by forcibly opening the door with an unknown object.

“The accused forced open a locked door by breaking the lock. He unlawfully entered into the complainant’s bedroom and stole US$270 and went away unnoticed,” said Mr Chindedza. —Chronicle