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Nightclubs To Lose Licences Over Covid-19 Regulations Violation

Pabloz was open at the weekend for a party
Pabloz nightclub was open at the weekend for a party

Government has threatened to revoke liquor licences for beerhalls, bars and nightclubs found operating in direct violation of the COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

The current COVID-19 regulations stipulate that bars, nightclubs and beer halls may sell beer, but not allow sit-ins.

Nevertheless, many operators have been allowing sit-ins prompting police to issue a statement saying the Liquor Licensing Board would take immediate action against operators found wanting.

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In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi:

“Operators who defied the law during the Easter holiday in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and other towns are being dealt with. Police will ensure that licences are confiscated and handed over to the relevant government arms for stipulated penalties to be effected,” he said.

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Many Zimbabweans agreed that police are remaining lax as they take bribes allowing nightclubs to continue operating against laid down restrictions.

Some nightclubs are operating well beyond curfew hours with patrons drinking upt o the wee hours of the morning.

Commenting on Twitter, one user exposed some clubs that remain open.

Holly’s and Private lounge are open everyday in down town. Along Nelson Mandela there is Arkiz it is underground and it has been open for a while. The list is endless……. I think we are just turning a blind eye.

Another exposed how police get bribed with beer.

Kuwadzana 2 is opened everyday varikutoita pungwe mufunge. Police ikuvharwa nedoro zvinotonzwisa tsitsi

Another “had a great time” at one of the affluent nightclubs uptown.

I was at pabloz by Sam levy’s and had a great time I didn’t even go with a mask

Jongwe corner opens daily….. With music on full blast….. HATFIELD POLICE less than a km away

Meanwhile, police said they recorded 231 road traffic accidents, 25 fatal ones with 26 deaths and 149 injuries during the Easter holidays. Newsday