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Crime Alert: Targeting View Mirrors, Car Batteries

Theft from car

Thieves breaking into cars have increasingly become a menace in Harare as more and more people have reported missing items such as view mirrors, car batteries and other detachable car parts.

These stolen items are usually resold to other vehicle owners.

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Theft from car usually leaves a great deal of damage to the cars as thieves usually use force to remove the parts.

The vehicle parts are expensive to replace, for instance, thieves use a new method of removing headlights from cars without opening the bonnet.


Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police arrested armed robbers who pounced on a motorist in Harare and got away with cash and valuables worth US$5 700.

In a statement, police confirmed the arrests.

The ZRP confirms the arrest of Simbarashe Maonera (25) and Nerbson Katsande (49) in connection with armed robbery case which occurred along Glenara Avenue Harare on 11/04/21 at about 0200 hours.

The victim was blocked by a Toyota Noah AEJ 4593 before being robbed of cash and valuables worth US$ 5 700. Investigations by Police led to the arrest of the duo in Mbare and the recovery of the stolen Iphone cellphone.