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Soldier Assaults Wife For Denying Him Roasted Meat

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A SOLDIER who lives in Entumbane suburb and is stationed in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife and violently destroying pots and plates after she refused to give him roasted meat.

A privy source said while Lucia Muleya (36) was washing her plates and pots at around 4.30PM last week on Saturday, her husband Umulina Mwembe (39) arrived in a huff and demanded money to buy beer.

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The reliable source said Lucia, who is a meat vendor, gave him $160.

“He further demanded meat that Lucia sells, but she refused to give him. That did not sit well with him as he grabbed his wife by the throat and smacked her with an open hand. As if that was not enough he picked the plates she was washing and smashed them on the ground leaving them in pieces and he also destroyed pots while shouting 0bscenities at her,” said the source.

Lucia dashed to a police station and made a report.

She said she had suffered enough at the hands of her husband who always gets violent whenever he is drunk.

— B Metro