Home Politics Impound vehicles with zanu-Pf stickers says Mpofu..

Impound vehicles with zanu-Pf stickers says Mpofu..

Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF has instructed the Zimbabwe Reepublic Police (ZRP) to impound vehicles that flout the country’s laws using the party’s car stickers.


The Zanu-Pf car stickers have now become a normal sight on many cars travelling in the streets of Harare, amid revelations that the stickers are being used as a shield against compliance to law enforcement authorities.


Zanu-PF Secretary for administration, Dr Obert Mpofu has appealed to the public to report cases of abuse of the car stickers, urging the Zimbabwe Republic Police to impound vehicles that flout the country’s laws using the stickers of the revolutionary party.


“I am also appealing to the ZRP to impound any equipment or vehicle that is used in the name of Zanu PF without really having to confirm with us. They should impound those vehicles, especially those that are using Zanu PF stickers,” said Dr Mpofu.


Dr Mpofu revealed that some criminals were now abusing the revolutionary party name in committing crimes.


“We don’t condone such behavior. It is unacceptable, illegal, crimnal and the party will act on such activities. We are receiving a lot of reports from various provinces about people and individuals who perform some criminal activities in the name of the party.


“The law enforcement agents should search any car despite the sticker. We are receiving reports of criminal activities taking place around the country using the party emblem.


“We have also received reports that party stickers are being used by criminals to extort and harass people who are going about their normal daily chores,” said Mpofu.


It has also been learnt that Zanu-PF party vehicles in Matabeleland North Province were being used to frustrate investments projects taining the name of the party and the President.


Dr Mpofu also confirmed that the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Matabeleland North Province, Richard Moyo called him advising him that party vehicles in his province were being used to frustrate an investment project that was launched by President Mnangagwa in Hwange.


“Some misguided elements used the party vehicle with the party emblem to frustrate this development and that happened last night (Wednesday),” he said.


“Zanu PF is a disciplined party and we don’t condone any form of indiscipline on the part of our members. Obviously such actors are not members of the party, they are just infiltrators of the party or criminals who are masquerading as our members,” he said.