Home Local “Security guards earning more than the ZRP”: Chinotimba Blasts Mthuli Ncube’s ‘Surplus’

“Security guards earning more than the ZRP”: Chinotimba Blasts Mthuli Ncube’s ‘Surplus’

Joseph Cinotimba blasts Mthuli Ncube
Joseph Cinotimba blasts Mthuli Ncube

Motormouth Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba has challenged Mthuli Ncube over meagre salaries being earned by civil servants, particularly Police who he alleges are learning less than security guards.

Currently, the government is running battles with teachers over meagre salaries.

Teachers are reportedly are simply sitting in at work as a countermeasure to government’s policy of no-work-no pay policy.

The alleged failure to pay meaningful salaries comes at a time when Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has been declaring a budget surplus in the past two years.

Surprisingly when it comes to paying meaningful wages and adequately financing the health sector, the same minister has been complaining of limited financial legroom.

Speaking in the National Assembly Open Parly records Honourable Chinotimba saying such inadequacies are likely to incite the public against government as they speak of a non-existent surplus.

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‘’The salaries are inadequate, especially for those in rural areas. The current exchange rate is US$1 to ZW$130 and that is the rate that is being used by most shops, except shops such as OK who do not use the black-market rate. Such shops require that you pay what they charge. It is a ‘take it or leave it’ game.

‘’…We expect immediate action to be taken on the matter, even if it means Minister Mthuli Ncube to be called into the House to answer questions and to address the matter. At one time, Honourable Mthuli Ncube said that the government has a surplus. How can you talk of surplus when the standard of living for the majority has not improved and they are earning peanuts?

Honourable Chinotimba added that all civil servants deserve better remuneration, arguing that it was disappointing that a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) would earn less than what security guards are getting.

‘’I do not have much to say but I join my colleagues in that we need to look at the plight of the civil servants. I am looking at all professions in the civil service – teachers, police, armed forces, health sector and so on. We cannot have security guards earning more than the ZRP. By the nature of their jobs, they should be given more money.

‘’Everyone has passed through the hands of teachers. Even you Honourable Speaker had it not been the work of a teacher you would not be where you are seated today. For the President to be where he is today, it is because he passed through the hands of a teacher. Let us address their plight to improve their standard of living,’’ he said.

Chinotimba questions Mthuli Ncube’s surplus