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Shaun Mkhize Asks Mzansi To Vote Her Next Female President

Shaun Mkhize
Shaun Mkhize

REALITY TV star and businesswoman Shaun Mkhize called on South Africans to elect her to become the first female president to address the inequalities in the country.

In a video clip shared on her Instagram, she invited people to vote for her to fix the challenges bedevilling South Africa.

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She said: “Fellow South Africans, I woke up today and I think you guys must just vote for me for president. People don’t want that position, they come in and they go. So I just want to fix the country and I am going to tell you exactly what I’ll be doing. Well, I don’t know politics and I’m not interested in it but if you vote for me I promise you one thing. The main problem in South Africa is inequality. So I’m going to approach the Reserve Bank and ask them to give each South African a million, a car and a house. Once we are all equal then we’ll invest our money overseas. That way no one will be jealous. Please vote for me guys, MaMkhize for President.”

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She then captioned the clip: “Vote for stability and equality in our country to create harmony and peace. Voting stations are open from now till 12 midnight. No age restrictions as I believe everyone must have a voice including baby Flo. #OUR WORLD OUR RULES.”

Her fans and friends including TV personality Minnie Dlamini, actress Winnie Ntshaba, musician Zakwe, comedians Celeste Ntuli and Thenjiwe have thrown their weight behind her.

Zakwe asked: “Kuvotwa kuphi, kanjan, sengibhavile vele, ngi ready.”

Winnie said: “As for sheshisani iphi iballot paper ngivote?”

Samkele C said: “Oh yasss, finally someone is making sense… you got my vote.”